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How Millennials are Changing the Healthcare Industry

January 9, 2019


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We all know that millennials have an influence on everything these days. It’s only natural, being that the eldest end of their generation is maturing well into their 30s. They are a growth-minded generation, and that doesn’t stop with healthcare. That brings us to our main point; how are millennials influencing the healthcare system, and how does it impact you?

1. They want care fast

Millennials tend to prefer clinics and pharmacies, over actual doctors’ offices. This is because they don’t like to waste time sitting in a doctors office when they could get their diagnosis elsewhere in less than half that time.

2. They do their homework

Typically on a budget, millennials try self-help methods prior to actually visiting a medical professional.

3. They trust but avoid doctors

Though they do trust doctors and their suggestions, millennials don’t like spending the time or money to go to an actual doctors office.

4. They want upfront estimates

Before they even step foot in a medical facility, millennials tend to call insurance providers and medical professionals in order to get a reliable estimate. It’s not uncommon for millennials to turn down specific facilities based on cost.

5. They listen to other patients

Prior to choosing a doctor or facility, millennials conduct some online research to be sure that they’ve made the right choice. They go based off of reviews from friends and family, as well as other patients on the internet.

6. They’re leading health-tech trends

From health and medical apps to wearable health technology such as Fitbits, Millennials are the first to try out new health tools.

7. They view health holistically

Millennials focus on day-to-day health and believe that it has more of an impact on their health than just going to a yearly check-up.

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