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How the Health Savings Program helps Employers & Employees Reduce Overall Healthcare Spend

Posted by Connor Schmitz on May 1, 2019

We have just launched an employee-centric medical advocacy program called the Health Savings Program, designed to reduce health care spending for employers and employees.


The Health Savings Program (HSP) is especially beneficial to employers with self-funded health plans. While Medliminal works to identify non-compliant charges on employee medical bills, employers will be able to see exactly where medical cost savings are coming from, with custom reports and detailed analytics.

Our team designed the Health Savings Program to be easily implemented in to an employer’s existing or planned benefits package. We provide training and collateral for Human Resources managers and employees for enrolling and using the platform.

A trademark of the Health Savings Program (HSP) is the employee secure online Dashboard. Employees will be able to submit bills for review, view the status of their claims, learn about their state’s health care laws, and more. Once a bill is submitted, employees will receive updates throughout the process and are notified when the review is complete. 

Medliminal specializes in medical cost containment and offers clients focused and innovative solutions and services through our advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, known as H-CAT. This technology coupled with our trained medical staff identifies non-compliant charges for all payers on a national level and allows Medliminal to act as a medical advocate for an individual.


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