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What are Younger Generations Expecting from Their Healthcare?

Posted by Devin Wood on January 7, 2020

As the younger generations are exploring adulthood and developing opinions, the world is changing with them. One of the most discussed "adult" topics right now is health care, and both Millennials and Gen Z have a very clear point of view. 


Some of the major changes that the younger generations would like to see include:


  • To know their physician is good, prior to their visit - 76% check physician reviews before schedulng an appointment
  • The ability to schedule appointments and bay their bills online - 74% prefer the online experience 
  • Patient-centric healthcare experiences - 47% said that they switched providers based on poor customer service
  • Knowledgeable service representatives offering cost-transparency - 54% would avoid treatment to save money
  • Access to coverage information through website or an app - Millennials are 5X more likely to choose a carrier with better digital service


To learn more about how the younger generations are feeling about health care, read through the infographic below:





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Original infographic posted by: VeraHealth


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