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What Millennials Need to Know About Health Insurance

January 28, 2019

Young man during therapy at psychologist's office

If you’re about to be kicked off of your parents’ health insurance plan, do not panic! Many people have been, and are currently, in the same position. The most important thing to do, prior to your insurance expiring, is to sit down and do some research on health insurance.

Learn the jargon that health insurance companies use, this will help you distinguish key cost factors. Once you feel more comfortable with the terms, figure out what kind of coverage you currently use. Do you go to clinics more than general practitioners? Do you find yourself in the hospital often? Do you have any preexisting conditions? All of this will determine how extensive you need your coverage to be.

As with any big purchase, it’s also important to set a budget. How much can you afford to pay each month? How much are you willing to pay? Does that amount cover all of your basic needs? Sitting down and creating your ideal coverage plan and cost can help you choose what insurance plan you should switch to.

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