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Employees are Seeking I.V.F. Coverage

March 12, 2019


Smiling doctor showing ultrasound scan to the couple in medical office

Job-seekers are now taking I.V.F benefits into consideration. Many couples, of all ages, face obstacles when trying to make a family. The high prices of I.V.F require that the couples either put their financial future at risk or forego having a biological child.
This is why many employees consider leaving their current careers for a position with a company that offers at least some financial relief in relation to I.V.F. While there are a number of employers who are already offering this benefit, there are details that need to be considered when outlining the logistics. 

Questions to consider:

  • How many rounds of I.V.F. should be covered?
  • When is infertility no longer considered treatable?
  • Should employers cover the price of creating and transferring an embryo into a surrogate’s womb?
  • Should a woman using her own eggs become ineligible in the final childbearing years?

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