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Get Your Employees Excited About Wellness Benefits

Posted by Devin Wood on April 4, 2019



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Most employers want to offer unique, fun, wellness benefits to their employees. Those benefits may be pricey to offer, but they’re a big part of what makes a benefits package exciting. However, many employers are facing issues with getting employees to actually use those benefits. According to research from HealthFitness, almost 60 percent of eligible employees don’t participate in their wellness programs. There are several factors that go into this lack of usage, including an under-engaged workforce and insufficient information.

In order to get your employees engaged in the wellness programs, try some of these creative solutions:

  1. Associate the benefit or task with music or playful sounds

For example, if your company offers several “stretch & flex” breaks throughout the day, you could use music as a reminder that it’s time to stretch. It will become a part of everyone’s day and they may start taking advantage of the breaks.

   2. Make models out of your employees

If you offer a gym membership or encourage fitness in any way, you could hand out brochures on proper posture and techniques. Instead of using fitness models, you could ask some of your employees if they’d like to model the proper stances. This is a fun way for employees to become a part of the program, as well as get a little break while the pictures are being snapped.

   3. Participation at every level

Sometimes employees feel awkward being the only ones who take advantage of wellness programs. It’s important for leadership to get involved to show that they support the program. Whether it be running in a 5k, doing the daily stretches with employees, or utilizing the healthy company snacks, the leadership team should be involved.


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