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Digital Trends in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Devin Wood on April 15, 2019


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Technological advancements are impacting most industries, and healthcare is no exception. There are many developments that are completely changing healthcare as we know it.

Emphasis on Patient Satisfaction

If patients aren’t satisfied with the attention, wait time, or amenities at a medical facility, it’s likely that they’ll look for another one. The healthcare industry is beginning to utilize technology as a way to provide better care to their patients.

Some of the ways that technology is elevating patient experience:

  • Reducing costs
  • Enhancing the patient experience
  • Protecting patient information
  • Offering great medical access
  • Providing more efficient medical services
  • Becoming more transparent and cost-effective


Telehealth is a popular health trend that just continues to gain momentum. The ability to be treated by a physician without leaving your house, or maybe even your work, is too appealing to say no. Patients are able to get prescriptions for illnesses such as the flu, colds, and fevers. Telehealth allows patients to live a healthier lifestyle without the inconvenience of scheduling a doctors appointment and their taking time to go in person.

Access to Medical Records

A patient used to have to request their charts and medical records through a lengthy process. They would then receive a paper copy of the doctor's notes and charts. Now, it’s standard for physicians to have their records online so that patients are able to access them instantly.

Secure Patient Information

Cyber attacks are a worry for medical facilities, but technological advancements have created a more secure environment for patient information. Facilities are able to hire security experts to come in and create in-depth programs that will protect patients and the facility’s reputation.

Integrated provider networks

This integration allows patients to quickly verify that a healthcare provider is in or out of their network. These systems allow patients to access from a computer, or from their phones if they so choose.

Overall, technology has helped healthcare progress in a very positive way. Technology allows for a better and safer patient, and staff, experience.

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