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The latest resources that help in the charge against billing errors from medical bills.


Medliminal’s New Advocacy Program Revolutionizes Medical Bill Review

COVID-19 Billing Updates

Medliminal is a Health Value Awards Winner!

Are Rising Medical Costs Associated with COVID-19 the Sign of a Bigger Problem?

Tips for Working Remotely

Coronavirus Accentuates Existing Problems in America’s Health Care System

Could Retail Clinics Save Employers Money?

Why is Health Care Spending Continuing to Increase?

Surprise Billing Proposals Contend For Support

Consumers are willing to shop around for a transparent health care experience

5 predictions for the health care and benefits market in 2020

What are Younger Generations Expecting from Their Healthcare?

Serious Medical Conditions going Untreated due to Cost

States are Preparing for an Invalidation of the ACA

Employers Shielding Workers from Increasing Health Care Costs

5 myths about employers' role in financial wellness

How to Promote Employee Wellness

How Does Climate Change Impact Healthcare Costs?

Increase Employee Participation in Preventative Benefits

Amazon Launches a Virtual Health Clinic

Employees Want More Employer Support for Well-being

The 5 Best & Worst States for Health Care

Health Care Costs Driving Growth of Corporate Wellness Market

Medliminal Welcomes Matty to the Family

Employers, Provide Your Employees with an Advocate

Individual Coverage HRA - Potential Issues

Maternity Care gets an Upgrade

Employers are Looking to Provide more for Less

Trump Administration Tackling Surprise Medical Bills

Medliminal's Health Savings Program

Getting to know a Medliminal Nurse

How the Health Savings Program helps Employers & Employees Reduce Overall Healthcare Spend

Technology is Changing Senior Care

Will Robots Replace Healthcare Providers?

3-D Printing Improving Medical Care

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Digital Trends in the Healthcare Industry

United Healthcare will Expand a Program that will Connect Consumers Directly to Drug Discounts

Americans Cite Healthcare Expenses as the No. 1 Barrier to Early Retirement

Get Your Employees Excited About Wellness Benefits

This New App Keeps You away from "Dangerous" Food

Medliminal Partners with the Washington Nationals

Georgia Tech Develops an App for Cancer Patients

Kaiser Permanente to Open Medical School in 2020

FitBits and other Health Monitors Becoming a Wellness Benefit

Aetna and CVS Created HealthHubs

How to Encourage Your Employees to Save more for Retirement

Blockchain Being Used in the Medical Industry?

Employees are Seeking I.V.F. Coverage

Employer-sponsored Health Insurance is the most Popular

What Resources are Available for Caregivers?

Health Care Might Shape Your Business Model

Virtual Medical Visits can Replace Office Visits

Get your GED through Medicaid

GoFundMe Fills 'Gigantic Gaps' in the Health System

2018 HIPAA and Healthcare Data Privacy in Review

Fragile Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Increases Costs and Compromises Care

Supply Chain Predictions for Healthcare in 2019

HHS Issues Voluntary Cybersecurity Guidance

How U.S. Employers are Controlling Health Costs

2019 Health Plan Compliance Calendar

How the Government Shutdown is Impacting Health Programs

Medliminal is Proud to Sponsor Senator Cassidy for D.C. Mardi Gras

What Millennials Need to Know About Health Insurance

Hospital Prices are Going Public

Get a Medical Diagnosis Using Facetime!

Tailoring Medical Prescriptions Can Help Fight the Opioid Crisis

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Personal Health in 2019

8 Healthcare Predictions for 2019

How Millennials are Changing the Healthcare Industry

What Changes Have Been Made to Medicare for 2019?

What Happens if You Don't Have Health Insurance in 2019?

What is Changing & What's Staying the Same with the ACA

A Healthcare System That Works for Everyone: Improving Cost Containment in the U.S.

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Medliminal Submits Comments in Support of Senate Price Transparency Initiative

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White House Releases FY 2019 Federal Budget with Significant Health Care Proposals

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