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Trump Administration Tackling Surprise Medical Bills

Posted by Devin Wood on May 24, 2019

The Trump administration is taking a stronger stance against surprise medical bills that impact patients throughout the country.

Many of these surprise bills originate when a patient goes to a in-network hospital but is treated by an out-of-network physician. It’s not uncommon for these patients to be visiting the hospital for an emergency, and it’s irrational to assume that they would have time to research each physician to figure out if they’re in-network or not. The shock occurs when a patient receives the bill in the mail and is left to pay an exorbitant amount out-of-pocket because the provider was out-of-network.

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Surprise medical bills have been a popular topic of discussion lately and may be considered as a bipartisan issue. A bipartisan group of senators have been brainstorming tactics to combat these large, unexpected, medical bills and they hope to have a bill ready to present by July.

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