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Employers are Looking to Provide more for Less

Posted by Devin Wood on May 27, 2019

Modern day employers understand that having a healthier workforce benefits them in the long run. An employee that has access to regular check-ups, the proper prescriptions, exercise equipment and mental health professionals, is going to be a better, more reliable employee. Individuals who have the means to care for themselves will ideally be happier, have more energy, be more productive, and require less sick leave.


Fit woman at the gym holding yoga mat

Some of the main concerns among employers are:

  • Mental health support (54%)
  • Substance abuse treatment (47%)
  • Services in rural locations (33%)


Employers are also interested in offering onsite services, some of the most popular ones being:

  • A concierge
  • Coaching and behavioral health services
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Physical therapy
  • Child care


Additionally, many employers are trying to provide nearby off-site fitness and mental health centers for employees to encourage them to utilize the facilities. Overall, employers are trying to improve work and home life for their employees, as well as have a more colorful benefits package to attract new recruits.

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