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Medliminal Welcomes Matty to the Family

Posted by Devin Wood on August 6, 2019


Matty is Medliminal's lovable mascot, but where did he come from?


Matty 4image003-1Matty 7


Who We Are

Medliminal specializes in medical cost containment and offers our clients focused and innovative solutions and services through our advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, known as H-CAT™. This technology coupled with our trained medical staff identifies non-compliant charges for all payers on a national level and allows Medliminal to act as a medical bill advocate for our clients.


Why a Rhino?

Our CEO, Jim Napoli, has always had a love for rhinos. They represent our "strong and grounded" motto, perfectly. When Jim joined the Medliminal team, he wanted to incorporate the rhino horn design into our rebranded company logo and from there, our rhino has taken the Medliminal brand into a world of its own.  


Our Motto; Strong and Grounded

The rhino is a strong and grounded animal, which inspired our catchphrase "strong and grounded", referencing the rules and regulations we follow when identifiying non-compliant charges. Medliminal prides itself on being the leading edge of medical cost containment, but also in our morals that are at the root of our company. Remaining strong and grounded means never forgetting our integrity as a company.


Keep an eye out for Matty at a Washington Nationals home game (one of his favorite places to make an appearance)!


  Matty 8Matty3Matty 6

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