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Employees Want More Employer Support for Well-being

Posted by Devin Wood on September 25, 2019


Employers - it may be time to spruce up your wellness offerings

Weltok's research, "Millennials: Raising the Bar for Wellbeing", includes results from more than 1,000 U.S. workers. More than 300 of those workers are millennials and the findings show that 78 percent of them believe their company should support their well-being more actively. 

What qualifies as "well-being" in this scenario? Millennials specifically mentioned financial stability, positive relationships at home and work; healthy eating habits; appropriate level of physical activity; manageable stress level; adequate sleep; having a higher purpose, and controlling or managing an existing health condition as their top priorities. 

Their health is an extension of who they are and transcends both work and personal life,” the authors write. “As a result, robust well-being offerings are a key component of benefit packages that today’s organizations are touting to recruit and retain millennials.”

Employers should also be looking for ways to make resources easier to find and access, as just 23 percent of the millennials surveyed strongly agree they know where to find all of the health and well-being resources provided by their employer. Additionally, hosting the information in a secure location is more important to millennials than any other generation. 

Millennials written on desert road

Other benefits that are important to millenials include:

  • Personalized support for relevant programs - 85%
  • Extra vacation time - 64%
  • Wellness benefits - 56%
  • Flexible work schedules - 53%


Less appealing incentives include:

  • Donations to a charity of choice
  • Commuter benefits
  • Company lunch
  • Volunteer time 


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