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Serious Medical Conditions going Untreated due to Cost

Posted by Devin Wood on December 17, 2019

The highest percentage of Americans since Gallup started asking the question are letting real medical conditions go without care, because they can't afford it. 

This feedback comes from a new Gallup report, which found that 25 percent of respondents say they've foregone medical care for a serious condition due to the cost - up 19 percent from a year ago. The report states, “Such delays in medical treatment, whether for injuries, illnesses or chronic conditions, can have significant implications for the economy and health care system, but also the political climate.” Of course, with less health care being consumed, it's likely the price will rise. Employers can also expect to be impacted, due to unhealthy employees having a lower productivity rate. 

Senior male doctor talking with worried patient

Although lower-income families are skipping care, they're not the only ones who are foregoing treatment. Patients with pre-existing conditions and less serious conditions, are also putting off treatments and visits. If a patient has lived with a condition for the majority of their life, they're likely not as afraid of foregoing treatment for a bit. And on the other side of the equation, they are likely aware of the cost of whatever treament they're avoiding. 

Additionally, a third of U.S. adults say their family could not afford care in the last year. The probleem does not appear to be related to being uninsured, since the report also finds that the percentage of uninsured is 11 percent in the poll; that's within the 9-11 percent range the poll has relfected annually since 2015. In addition, the percentage delaying care is up by a similar proportion among those covered by private health insurance or Medicare/Medicaid as well as among the uninsured.

In conclusion, a variety of Americans are foregoing medical treatment due to the rising cost of health care, and something needs to change. To understand how Medliminal could help lower the cost of your medical bills, visit our website


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Original article written by: Marlene Satter


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