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Tips for Working Remotely

Posted by Devin Wood on March 26, 2020

Like many other companies, the Medliminal team is working remotely during this uncertain time. There are pros and cons to working from home, so we thought we'd share our tips and tricks to help you or your company get through this period of working remotely.

  1. Create structure

One way to create structure is to have a before-work routine. Whether that be making breakfast, going for a walk, or just having coffee, it will help separate your personal time from working hours. The same can be said about an after-work routine; it may also give you something to look forward to during the week.  


  1. Designate a working area

To prevent your home from feeling like a workplace, you should designate a specific room, desk, or other location for your work set-up. Attempt to complete your work in that area so that you can enjoy your personal time throughout the rest of your home.


  1. Stick to a schedule

If you normally work between the hours of 9am-6pm, try to stick to that schedule. It’s easy to spend your personal time completing work when you have it at your fingertips. To maintain a healthy work/life balance, aim to complete all of your work during the workday, and unplug around the same time every evening.


  1. Take a lunch break

Although you may be inclined to power through lunch to complete projects, you could be reducing your productivity levels. Not only does a lunch break give you time away from meetings and emails, but it also allows you to refuel, coming back more engaged and productive.


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  1. Maintain interaction

Utilize collaboration software, including video chats, to maintain social contact and relationships with your colleagues. Including this in your daily work routine may help you establish structure and prevent feelings of isolation.


  1. Keep your animals occupied

For those who have animals, working remotely can mean constant distractions to feed, play with, or let their pets go out. While working remotely may be out of your control, you can do your best to keep your pet(s) busy and entertained during working hours. For example, purchasing them a new toy or treat can keep them entertained for hours at a time. Keeping them on a strict schedule is also important because it allows them to get used to having certain times of the day to play, and other times where they rest. Find more pet tips here!


  1. Be patient

While working remotely, you may have to work around your family, animals, or roommates. There are certain things about your circumstance that you can control, and others that you have no say over. Set yourself up for a distraction-free workday while keeping in mind that something may come up. This is a new situation that we’re all in, and we have to do our best to be patient with ourselves and others throughout this time.



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